Sketch A Day 2012: Artist Gideon Summerfield Creates A Drawing For Each Day Of The Year (PHOTOS)

Gideon Summerfield is a 17-year-old art student who had big plans for 2012. The young creative set out to make a sketch for every day of the year, documenting the most newsworthy events with just a few pencils and paper. The last month of the year has finally come and Summerfield is here to say he kept his promise. The proof? Three hundred and sixty six hand-drawn illustrations depicting the most memorable moments of 2012.

Gideon Summerfield's 'Sketch A Day' Project

Summerfield's sketches cover the biggest headlines in daily news, touching on everything from President Obama's election to Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee to the London Olympics. But on his website, the artist points out one significant moment that stood out to him. "I was particularly moved by the news of Claire Squires who died whilst running the London marathon... her tragic death prompted other runners and people around the UK to donate over $1.5 million to the Samaritans."

Scroll through the "Sketch a Day" series above, which can be seen in full here, and let us know what you think of the 2012 timeline in the comments sections.