Sketchy Holiday Photos That Might Shatter Your Image Of Christmas

Warning: You'll never look at Santa the same way again!

It’s Christmas time! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and check out this collection of special bizarre holiday photos.

He's Coming Down The Chimney!
Library of Congress
This one from the Library of Congress is just plain weird.
North Pole Escapee?
Kimberly Kandros
We'd Be Crying, Too!
William Vanderson via Getty Images
Jennifer Martin, age 2, was in tears during a visit with Santa at Harrods department store in London on Dec. 10, 1949.
We're Speechless!
Creepy Old Saint Nicholas
Kirn Vintage Stock via Getty Images
St. Nick visits with two German brothers in the 1940s.
Department Store Santas Are The Best!
Gary Moore
Santa Serial Killer?
Alison Wild
Creepy Glasgow Barra's Santa
Joe Prentice
Joe Prentice sent HuffPost this personal shot that was taken some 50 years ago.
The Stuff Of Nightmares!
That's A Fake Smile!
Suzanna Banana
Shhh .. She's Sleeping.
Library Of Congress
Another creepy Santa from the Library of Congress archives.
Creepy Pennsylvania Santa
Keith Stump
He's Got A Twinkle In His Eye!
Can't Have Christmas Without Krampus!
Corbis via Getty Images
Krampus accompanies Santa Claus on his Christmas. However, instead of toys, he brings lumps of coal and twigs for evil children.
Do You Wanna Play A Game?
Attack Of The 50-Foot Santa!
Sivaram V / Reuters
A bizarre Santa Claus statue seen on a beach in the southern Indian city of Kochi in December 2012.
Peekaboo, I See You!
Sucker Swiper
Delaine Derry Green
HuffPost reader Delaine Derry Green from Birmingham, Alabama, does not look too impressed with Santa in this photo from the 1970s.
Santa Sausage, Anyone?
Creepy Nick-Nack
Willrow_Hood via Getty Images
A vintage Santa Claus decoration ... we think.
Does This Santa Make You Wanna Buy A Tree?
He Knows When You're Awake ...
Dead-eyed Santa
Kate Pote
"This guy is totally creepy," Kate Pote said of her childhood photo with Santa.
We Love Her Mom!
At least the kid is not crying!
Grumpy Santa
Jessica Ziparo
Jessica Ziparo sent in this photo of her son Zane.

"Santa had never held a child before ... note the hands and frown," she said.
She's Not Feelin' It
Wonder If Anyone Dared To Cross?
HuffPost's own David Lohr as the Grinch in this Santa shot makes for an especially creepy photo.
Let Me Outta Here!
Leigh Hansbarger
Leigh Hansbarger's daughter, Molly, was 1 year old when this photo was snapped 6 years ago.

The Santa doesn't look too creepy to us, but Molly sure finds him scary!
Merry Christmas!

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