2 Skincare Mistakes Making You Look Older Than You Are

They're incredibly common -- and so easily preventable.

Most of us take care of our skin in an effort not to look more weathered, wrinkled or older than we actually are. But that's exactly what can happen when your beauty regimen isn't done properly -- and there are two big mistakes in particular that can have unintended effects on your skin health and appearance.

According to celebrity skin expert and registered nurse Jamie Sherrill, these two mistakes are both incredibly common among her patients and can each prevent the skin from looking luminous and youthful.

Mistake #1: Using retinol in the morning.

Retinol, a product highly recommended by dermatologists, is typically lauded for its anti-aging properties, but when you apply it can make all the difference in its effectiveness, Sherrill says. "Even though retinoids are supposed to make you look younger, it can have the opposite effect in direct sunlight," she explains.

It's not something that a little SPF can instantly fix either, Sherrill adds. "Retinoids make you light-sensitive," she says. "Even if you add SPF on top [of a retinoid cream], it does not make it safe for morning use."

Instead, Sherrill suggests applying your retinoid cream at night to avoid accidental exposure to the sun. (Follow this dermatologist-suggested nighttime skincare routine to keep things simple and effective.)

Mistake #2: Not rinsing your face well enough after washing.

Sherrill admits that this might sound "so silly," but rinsing well after washing isn't just a basic step -- it's also incredibly important.

"I'd like to say 70 to 80 percent of my patients don't rinse properly after they cleanse," she says. "Those who don't have a residue of cleansers, which can lead to clogged pores, dry skin."

So, take extra care in making sure your face wash is rinsed completely off your face before you towel-dry. "The beauty is in the application," Sherrill says.

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