Skinny Dipping World Record Set By 729 Nude Swimmers In Vera, Spain, Local Media Report (NSFW PHOTOS)

NSFW PHOTOS: Skinny Dipping World Record Attempt

Beachgoers in Vera, Spain, may have caught an eyeful on Sunday as a large group of exhibitionists went for a swimsuit-free dip in the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to break the skinny dipping world record.

The 729 nude swimmers were apparently successful, surpassing the previous world record set by 506 festivalgoers in New Zealand last year, local news sources report.

According to the Europa Press, about 600 people were expected at the event. Vera Mayor José Carmelo Jorge was pleased with the turnout, calling the mass nude swim a "tremendous success."

Organized by the town of Vera and the Spanish Naturism Federation, the swimmers showed up to Playa El Playazo beach in throngs Sunday morning before disrobing and taking a collective dip in the Mediterranean around noon. Though funds raised during the event will be donated to charity, the record-breaking attempt was meant to bolster tourism in the small resort town of Vera, which is home to several naturist beaches and residential zones.

While the 506 swimmers in New Zealand are believed to hold the skinny dipping world record, Guinness World Records confirmed to The Huffington Post that the current record for "largest skinny dipping (swimming naked)" at one venue was set by 413 people in South Wales, U.K., in June 2011.

Another group of naked swimmers sought to break the world record in New Zealand in December. However, since the crowd was split between two beaches, the attempt did not qualify under Guinness' rules.

See the NSFW photos of the nude swimmers attempting to break the skinny dipping world record in the gallery below.

Skinny Dipping World Record (NSFW PHOTOS)

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