Skinny Shaming At Any Age

It is no great mystery that celebrities have been baring it all for years. So much nudity, so little time. Keira Knightly was one of my favorites. I admired her decision to bear her itty bitty, perky, 29 year old, childless breasts to the world. But why not go a step further? Why not just an average, middle class, 36 year old mother of three with 4 years of breastfeeding under her belt? Can we applaud and celebrate that? I don't need my body drenched in baby oil, or an overabundance of photoshopped champagne to be splooging down my ass crack with intent to "break the internet" like Kimye. In fact the only thing I have in common with that duo is that one of them has a vagina. I want real and genuine. I want truth, and the truth can still be beautiful.

I have been exceptionally thin all of my life. I get it from my momma. That doesn't put me into some distorted stereotypical mold with a personality to match. I am no stranger to whispers, rumors and insulting jabs in regard to my weight or to being shunned simply because of the cliched judgement of others. Our bodies do not define us, although society seems to forget that. The media likes to constantly remind us to second guess ourselves and push us to feel inadequate. Women can't win. We are either too fat or too thin and we despise it, but as women we can be ruthless. We contribute to this insanity. We are part of the problem in this never-ending vicious cycle. It makes us feel better about ourselves to discuss what we perceive as flaws in others. Well, I'm done. I've had enough. Ladies! Let's grab our proverbial balls and tell ourselves that we are all pretty fucking awesome. Let's stop trying to look like what the media perceives as strong, beautiful and sexy. Let's feel that way about ourselves regardless!

This is 36. This is 3 kids. This is a minivan driver. This is a soccer mom. This is a PTA member. This is type A. This is a member if not possibly the president of the itty bitty titty committee. This is a wife, a daughter and a friend. This is a bean pole, a skinny bone jones, a skeleton, and a toothpick.

"So what if you don't have boobs or an ass, at least you're skinny."

"Eat a fucking cheeseburger."

"Get your thyroid checked."


"Too skinny."

"Skinny bitch."

"Not attractive."

"No cushion. No good."

"You must never eat."

"You have it easy."

"You look sick"

I will never be "stacked" or voluptuous, nor athletic and "ripped," but I accept that. This is me and after 30 years, I embrace it with confidence.

No matter your size, color, gender, or physical attributes, keep doing you and own it. Smile and give recognition to the beautiful being in the mirror staring back at you. Isn't it about time?