Skinput Turns Your Skin Into A Touchscreen (VIDEO): Tap Your Arm To Control Your Gadgets

*See video below*

A revolutionary new technology created by Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University uses 'body acoustics' to turn your skin into an interactive touchscreen.

Called Skinput, the unusual interface enables you to use the surface of your skin to control your gadgets.

Imagine: Play Tetris on your phone by using your fingers as a control pad. Write a text message just by wiggling your fingers on the surface of your arm. Skip to a new song by tapping the palm of your hand.

How does it work?

Engadget explains,

Due to different bone densities, tissue mass and muscle size, unique acoustic signatures can be identified for particular parts of the arm or hand (including fingers), allowing people to literally control their gear by touching themselves.

A Pico projector can project a menu, keyboard, or buttons onto users' skin to help them navigate their 'arm touchscreen,' although the display is optional--as Gizmodo points out, the 'body acoustics' technology allows the Skinput system to recognize 'which part of your body you've tapped, based on the sound that's made on either the skin, muscle or skeleton.'