Skip Bayless' ESPN Co-Workers Not Exactly Heartbroken To See Him Go

Some of Bayless' former colleagues gave him some cold parting words.

First Take” co-host and professional hot-take machine Skip Bayless is leaving ESPN after 23 years on the network, and it seems his colleagues aren't exactly heartbroken.

Bayless, who is moving on to FS1, has made a career at ESPN out of spitting take after take, and he did so until the bitter end, quite literally: Bayless tweeted on Sunday that Kyrie Irving should have been the 2016 NBA Finals MVP instead of LeBron James. 

Well, some of his ESPN colleagues have apparently had enough of his rants about LeBron, and began to say deuces to the television personality on Sunday.

Ryen Russillo, co-host of "Russillo & Kanell," shared his unfavorable opinion of Bayless during Monday's edition of the show. "The problem is when you disagree with Skip -- you’re not allowed to," Russillo said. "Then he gets mad at you about it. So, like, nobody wants to deal with it." Danny Kanell, Russillo's co-host, also had some parting words for Skip via Twitter.

Think that's it? Nope. Following Game 7, Scott Van Pelt, host of the midnight edition of “SportsCenter," appeared to have a (somewhat) indirect message for his departing ESPN colleague. “It is time to find a new ax to grind if you have made your living ripping him [LeBron James],” he said.

Former ESPN staffer and current CBS anchorwoman Dana Jacobson also told Skip, “Enough.” 

However, Skip received the most blunt message from former ESPN staffer and current NFL Network personality Rich Eisen, who tweeted this out:

One guy is sad to see him go, though.



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