LeBron James' Worst Critic Says The Most Shocking Thing Of All

Skip Bayless has seemingly made a career of criticizing the superstar.

Skip Bayless of Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed” has dissed LeBron James for his free-throw routine, accused him of drinking water for dramatic purposes, and repeatedly claimed that the superstar “isn’t a closer.”

He even inspired the fairly recent article “Why Does Skip Bayless Hate LeBron James?

So what does the sports journalist go out and do this week? He compliments the Lakers star for his timely play. On Twitter. For all the world to see.

“LeBron, CLUTCH,” he wrote of James’ fourth-quarter performance as the Lakers won to even the playoff series against the Houston Rockets at one game apiece on Sunday.

Twitter was in such disbelief that the reactions kept coming on Tuesday.

The Rockets and Lakers resume their Western Conference semifinal series on Tuesday night.