Skip Bayless Gives LeBron James A C+ For Registering 39 Points, 16 Rebounds And 11 Assists

Maybe LeBron James should have been graded on a curve.

ESPN's Skip Bayless, a man who is paid money to hand out opinions, gave the Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar a C+ for his triple-double performance Sunday in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. A game in which James pulled together 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists while dragging his team to a 95-93 victory without Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love. Again, a C+.

"I set my bar high for the man who is the best basketball player on this planet, and I’m here to tell you that occasionally LeBron’s overall numbers, which look sensational, once again, because they add up to a triple-double, can camouflage what really happened," Bayless said on "ESPN First Take."

Bayless pointed to some of James' missed opportunities, including his left-handed layup that didn't fall at the end of regulation.

"I’m thinking that the best player on the planet should have made that shot," Bayless said. "Somehow, some way. If you’re not going to get fouled and you get the ball that close to the rim, you should put it down.”

Bayless has a history of questioning James' ability in the clutch, but this latest assessment seems stingy.

We find it hard to find fault with James' performance. But "First Take" colleague Stephen A. Smith wasn't all that charitable either. He gave James a B.



LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers