Skittle Sorter Machine Invented By Engineer Brian Egenriether Sorts Candy By Color (VIDEO)

Every Skittle Lovers Fantasy Machine

Do you absolutely and utterly loathe orange skittles? Have you spent hours of your life sifting through bags of the colorful candy to find that Skittlish hue that you love so dearly?

Well, scavenge no more!

According to Tech Hive, electrical engineer Brian Egenriether has come up with a Skittles Sorting Machine that will do all the dirty work for you.

The tech website website writes:

Within a relatively short (or ridiculously fast, depending on how you interpret such things) span of time, Brian's machine is capable of separating, identifying, and maneuvering Skittles of various hues into one of five bowls.

The machine, according to the description that accompanies this YouTube video, is activated by a BASIC Stamp microcontroller. It also uses an infrared LED and phototransistor, as well as a color sensor.

As for the body of the machine? It was fashioned out of epoxy, wood, PVC and repurposed parts from a hummingbird feeder and a telescope, Egenriether wrote.

On Tuesday, the inventor stated he has yet to publish the blueprints for the machine, but implied that he will be making another video about how he made it in due course.

That means that whether your a red Skittle person or a yellow Skittle person, a color-centric solution may be within your grasp before too long.

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