Swap Your Weird, Unwanted Gifts For Skittles This Holiday Season

Candy really should be a form of currency.

Not a fan of that sweater grandma knit you? Bummed out over another pair of ugly socks from your cousin?

Not to worry, Skittles has a sweet solution. Instead of regifting all the crappy holiday presents you got this year, you can pawn them off in exchange for their value -- in Skittles.

The Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop is a fully functioning brick-and-mortar storefront in Queen Street West, Toronto. The shop will be open from Saturday to Wednesday, so people can bring in their unwanted holiday gifts and find out how much they're worth in Skittles. 

If you can't make it, you can also find out how many Skittles you can get for unwanted gifts on the Skittles pawn shop website, which is currently appraising items.   

The store has promised 20 bags of Skittles after seeing a sideways picture of a TV, below, if shoppers can make it to the Toronto pawn shop: 

The online site appraises items within 30-50 seconds, or "about as long as it takes to post a photo or whatever the kids are into these days," according to the FAQ's section. The process for how they do this is unclear, but the site assures us that there are "many complicated, scientific factors go into assessing the value of your item in Skittles. Based on category and condition, items are assigned a range of worth." Guess the TV isn't really worth that much, huh?

This may sound like a ridiculous marketing campaign, but it's all for a good cause. All of the traded items in good condition will be donated to a Goodwill ReUse Center in Toronto, according to the shop's site.

The only things they wont accept are drugs, weapons, garbage, or an "inappropriate image." So it doesn't take much to taste the rainbow, just make sure you keep it classy, clean and legal.   

If you don't have a sweet tooth, head to Germany, where one retailer is offering books in exchange for unwanted gifts.

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