Skoll Lesson Five: Transmedia Storytelling Is a Key Skill for People Who Want to Change the World

Skoll World Forum, in partnership with the Sundance Institute, is teaching entrepreneurs how to tell the stories of their work across many platforms of distribution—and it's paying off. We saw some short films made in collaborations between social entrepreneurs and Sundance filmmakers that proved the point that there are few tools in our media toolbox more powerful than film and video (see player below).

One thing seems clear from these films and the many stories you hear during the days at Oxford: there are epic, inspiring experiences of always bold, sometimes outrageous, entrepreneurs in remote and difficult places throughout the world, and these are stories optimally shared across many platforms. This point, and many other innovative tips and ideas, were gifted to participants via a dynamic expert in storytelling: Wendy Levy. She reminded us that visual, iterative beauty and collaboration are key to solid transmedia storytelling.