Sky City One: Chinese Company To Construct World's Tallest Building Over 90 Days

Move over Burj Khalifa. Sky City One is looking to take your title as the world's tallest building and engineers are projecting a construction period of just 90 days.

According to Business Insider, the local government in Changsha, China, the provincial capital of Hunan Province, approved construction plans by Chinese firm Broad Sustainable Building to hurriedly erect a 2,749-ft skyscraper. At that height, Sky City One will top Dubai's Burj Khalifa, currently the world's tallest structure, by 30 ft.

While ambitious, the building plans are not without precedent: Broad put up a 30-story hotel in only 15 days earlier this year, ABC News notes.

The construction firm doesn't bank on magic or miracles to hit its goals. The secret to such speedy construction lies in prefabrication, according to Discovery News, and about 95 percent of Sky City One will be assembled before a single shovel worth of dirt has displaced.

Comparatively, Burj Khalifa was constructed over 1,931 days between 2004 and 2010, Wired notes, and the Empire State Building, which is less than half of Sky City One's projected height, took 410 days to erect.

Forbes reports that Sky City One's 220 floors will provide apartments for 174,000 people, with a hotel, school, hospital, offices, shops and restaurants occupying the skyscraper's remaining real estate. In all, the construction is projected to cost $628 million, less than half of the Burj Khalifa's $1.5 billion price tag.

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