Sky News Apologizes After Going Through MH17 Luggage On Air

Sky News Apologizes For Awful Segment

Sky News has apologized after a reporter began digging through the luggage of a passenger killed aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on air.

The reporter, Colin Brazier, began picking through a victim's suitcase and holding up items one by one while reporting on the devastating crash, which killed 298 people. Brazier realized his own wrongdoing and stopped himself on live TV, stating, "we shouldn't really be doing this, I suppose."


A spokesperson from Sky News issued the following apology:

"Today whilst presenting from the site of the MH17 air crash Colin Brazier reflected on the human tragedy of the event and showed audiences the content of one of the victims' bags. Colin immediately recognised that this was inappropriate and said so on air. Both Colin and Sky News apologise profusely for any offence caused."

But that didn't stop shocked viewers from expressing outrage, many of whom slammed the segment for being "disgraceful" and "inappropriate."

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