Sky Tower In Denmark Might Be The Scariest Theme Park Ride Ever

Is This The World's Most Terrifying Theme Park Ride?

This just might be the simplest idea for a theme park ride... and also the most frightening.

The Sky Tower at Tivoli Friheden in Denmark is a free fall ride with no brakes because there's no vehicle. It's just you, plunging from the top of a 130-foot tower into a net 100 feet below.

According to the park's website, you'll experience 4G sensations as your plummeting body hits a top speed of 55 mph.

Don't worry. If you get to the top and have second thoughts, the park offers a dignified opportunity to chicken out.

It's one thing to read about it. Check out the video above from Theme Park Review to see it in action.

If you've watched the clip and still want to take the plunge, know that you have to be at least 14 years old and weigh between 110 and 265 pounds. You also can't have back problems, heart problems, hypertension, epilepsy, fractures, open wounds or (obviously) fear of heights. In addition, pregnant women and anyone intoxicated by booze or drugs aren't allowed to jump.

The ride is one of a number of SCAD towers operating around the world, and they're so scary that researchers have used them to simulate near-death experiences, Gizmopod reports.

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