'SkyDeck' Is The Plane Seat We've All Been Waiting For

In-flight entertainment just reached new heights. 👍

Passengers, you are now free to roam about the ceiling.

In-flight movies and Wi-Fi could soon be replaced by a whole new kind of diversion: This teardrop-shaped rooftop viewing bubble that offers a spectacular view of the sky beyond your plane.

It's called SkyDeck, and its developers say it could easily work on both private and commercial planes. Passengers would ascend from the cabin via staircase or elevator and into a one- or two-seat canopy area similar to those on fighter jets.

We'd say this is more "out-of-flight entertainment" than "in":

SkyDeck is the brainchild of aerospace engineering services company Windspeed Technologies, which is currently seeking investors for its project, director of engineering Bruce Stewart told HuffPost. After funding, it would take about 12 to 18 months to get SkyDeck out of development and onto real planes.

We hope the time "flies" by.


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