Skydive Hawaii Offers Free Jumps For Furloughed Federal Employees

DC bars, restaurants and movie theaters are offering specials to federal employees affected by the government shutdown. The sentiment is well-meaning, of course, but if you were on a forced, unpaid vacation, would you really want to mope around Dupont bars or sit in dark movie theaters?

For the more than 80,000 federal employees lucky enough to be living in Hawaii, one business has a more enticing offer. Skydive Hawaii, on Oahu's North Shore, is offering free tandem jumps for up to ten people a day who are both residents of Hawaii and federal workers affected by the shutdown. For federal workers who are already licensed skydivers, Skydive Hawaii is offering free lifts during the work week. "We will keep this up," they say on their Facebook page, "until you're working again or we no longer can bear the costs.

The offers, they say, are "about sharing aloha."

Honolulu ties with Virginia Beach for number two in metro areas most affected by the shutdown with 17.2% of the workforce relying on a federal paycheck. Colorado Springs is number one.

At least furloughed Hawaii employees get to staycation where most of us want to vacation.

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