Base Jumpers Free Fall Off Dubai's Tallest Residential Tower In Beautiful Video

These folks get so terrifyingly high, they might need an intervention.

Adrenaline-hungry base jumpers spent two weeks flying off of Dubai's tallest residential building, Princess Tower, and video of the stunt is both dizzying and gorgeous.

About 600 base jumpers had the option of jumping off a platform hanging out from the 99th floor of the tower, or performing a Dream Jump. It's a style of base jumping in which those daring enough fly outward on a zip line before free falling downward. The Dream Jump website says it allows for maximum airtime and acrobatics.

Video of the event -- organized by Skydive Dubai -- shows dream and base jumpers pushing one another off the platform and spinning in midair as they fly past apartment windows.

The National reports that Princess Tower residents got a kick out of the display.

“It is an exciting spectacle to wake up in the morning and see people free fall past your balcony,” resident Saud Al Anazi said.



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