Skydiving Without A Parachute Is As Batsh** Crazy As It Sounds

"I'm never afraid," daredevil says.

This will take your breath away and not give it back.

Watch daredevil Antti Pendikainen leap from a hot air balloon without a parachute, 4,000 meters above Finland.

This would be a good time for parents to rehearse that speech for your children: "Just because someone jumps without a parachute doesn't mean you have to."

Our thrill-seeker is chased in the air by two fully equipped men who catch him after he plummets through the clouds and makes our heart drop into our shoes.

Caters News

"I've always wanted to jump without a parachute, and now I've done it," he told Caters.

Hey, it's great to have goals, but this?

Caters News

Pendikainen said he trained for a year and had completed the stunt many times in his head.

Caters News

"I'm never afraid – next I want to do something even more fun and crazy," he told Caters.

This would be a tough one to top.

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