Skype Lets Cancer-Stricken Mother Attend Wedding Virtually

How Skype Saved A Bride's Wedding Day

Days before Ashley Broering's wedding, the doctors broke the news that her cancer stricken mother would not get to see her walk down the aisle on that special day.

But thanks to a Skype connection, along with a pair of laptops and headphones, Patty Davisson was able to attend, virtually.

It was the next best thing to being there, Broering told The Huffington Post.

The groom set up the connection, and both family and friends helped test it out from Davisson's hospital bedside.

During the ceremony, Broering's sister-in-law's fiance held the computer on his lap in the first row.

"When she walked down the aisle she smiled and waved at her mom," recalled wedding photographer and friend Andrea Boettcher. "At that moment, there wasn't a dry eye in that church."

After the ceremony, a laptop was set up in the corner where people could stop by and put the headphones on and say hello to Davisson while she was on Skype.

"From the cake-cutting ceremony to the couple's first dance, Patty watched every bit of it. It was by far the most emotional ceremony I've ever been to," said Boettcher.

The next day, the bride and groom got dressed up in their gown and suit and went to take wedding pictures in person with the mother of the bride. Patty Davisson died on May 24, three weeks after the wedding.

"Every girl wants to have her mom at her wedding ... there is a sense of peace now that she's not in pain. That day she kept saying how happy she was, and you could see it all over her face," said Broering.

"I just feel very blessed to live in a time where this technology is available ... where this is possible."

Brianna Reynaud, a spokesperson for Skype, said that while people use video chat in many innovative ways, this was the first time she had heard of it being used to connect a dying parent and a daughter on her wedding day.

"This is a story that has touched every employee. It is a perfect example of how everyone has a Skype story and how free video affects our lives," Reynaud said.

Dying Mother Attends Wedding Via Skype(CLONED)

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