Paris Is Getting Its First Skyscraper In 40 Years

Some people aren't too happy about it.

The city of lights is about to look a little different.

Previously enforced height restrictions have prevented high rises from altering Paris' skyline for the past 40 years. Now, the 15th arrondissement is preparing to house a modern high rise called Tour Triangle. The pseudo-pyramid will tower above the city and serve as both a hotel and office space.

According to CNN, despite the fact that it promises extensive views and economic opportunities, not everyone is excited about the prospect of a new building.

"Tour Triangle disrespects the existing place and Paris skyline," said a spokesperson for a group called Collective Against the Triangle Tower. "We are convinced that contemporary architecture can express itself in harmony with existing place. It is not the case with this isolated skyscraper which is 180 meters high and 150 meters wide."

What do you think of Paris' new projected skyline? Sound off below.

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