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Skyy Fisher, Compton School Board Member, Called Trayvon Martin A 'F*ggot Black Dude' (AUDIO, UPDATED)

A Compton Unified school board member called deceased Florida teen Trayvon Martin a "faggot black dude" and school Superintendent Karen Frison a "bitch" during a recent podcast interview, and the statements are drawing outrage and disbelief from parents and the school community in Compton, Calif.

Board member Skyy Fisher's comments are captured in the YouTube video above. It starts with the hosts of Pigzradio replaying a KTLA interview with Fisher, in which he comments in an official capacity about an alleged sexual relationship between a Davis Middle School teacher and a student.

The podcast hosts mock him for his use of words like "alleged" and "accountable," since apparently it clashes with another version of Fisher they're more familiar with. "It's really funny to see Skyy on the news, but not being arrested," jokes one host.

The show then attempts to call Fisher but there's no reply. However, Fisher calls back, and it's unclear if knows he's being recorded as he proceeds to openly discuss the closed Davis Middle School molestation investigation. His opening line? "Oh my fucking god!"

Fisher's comments, which start at minute 7:22, include:

  • "that white dude that killed that faggot black dude in Florida. I'm going to go out and try to search for this [inaudible]."

  • "If you all see that George Zimmerman bitch, tell him I'm looking for him."
  • "That bitch superintendent wouldn't give me a fucking district car, and I told that bitch that I was going to get her."
  • "The daughter is like, doing bad in the class, and she's trying to get back at the teacher... The father comes to the board meeting, crying and shit to the board, talking about his daughter's been raped and all kind of bullshit. All of a sudden, this motherfucker has six attorneys."
  • "Wow, so instead of you guys stealing the money, someone else is stealing the money from the district," says one host. Fisher's response: "Yeah! Yeah!"
  • "We're meeting this Tuesday at 7 o'clock. Oh! You've got to definitely come. There's solidarity with this Trayvon Martin bitch, and I'm trying to get on news so I'm wearing the hoodies at the whole board meeting... It's the perfect publicity stunt. I'm going to wear a hoodie, the news is going to come out, and I'm going to announce my candidacy for City Council, goddammit."
  • "If I saw myself walking down the street with a hoodie on, I'd shoot myself too!"
  • Fisher's inflammatory comments were first reported by LA weekly. They had received a tip from a concerned Compton school parent named Sergio, who sent them the interview.

    Sergio told LA Weekly, "It's embarrassing, it's distasteful, it's unprofessional." Fisher, Sergio said, "should be held to a higher standard."

    A filmed taping of the interview (which has since been taken down) was posted on OneCompton, a community forum.

    In reaction to the video, forum user Maggie Morris writes, "This is a trusted official, leader of our community saying people with hoodies should be killed or kill themselves, Wow! He uses the "N" word, curses like a sailor and wants some cocaine SMDH!"

    Another resident, who claims to have worked with Fisher on showing support for Trayvon Martin's cause, was more cautious. "There has to be more to this video than what seems. It's hard for me to believe that this interview reflects the board member's core values and true opinions," Bryan O. Parker responded. "I personally feel that this has to be some sorta tasteless form of entertainment that both you and I will never understand."

    Fisher, a Compton native, was elected to the Compton Unified board of trustees in November 2011. His CUSD profile touts Fisher as a Compton native who is also "a product of the Compton educational system."

    In the past, he's been a representative for the American Federation of Teachers and a union organizer for SEIU. Fisher has also served as Assembly District Delegation chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party from the 52nd Assembly District and as a delegate for the state democratic party.

    His personal Facebook page describes him as a "community servant who believes in empowering our youth to push past obstacles tha [sic] exceed past their wildest expectations to achieve the true California dream."

    Listed as his favorite quotation: "To whom much is given, much is required."

    The Huffington Post has reached out to both the Compton Unified School District and Fisher for comments. This story will be updated with their response.

    UPDATE: Skyy Fisher can't be fired from his post on the Compton Unified school board. Instead, reports the LA Weekly, it'll take a little over 8,000 signatures from the community to recall him. Head over to the LA Weekly to learn more about the process.

    CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Fisher had served as the chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. In fact, Fisher has served as Assembly District Delegation chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party from the 52nd Assembly District. We regret the error.

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