Slack Has Doubled Its Daily Users To Over 1 Million

Slack just hit yet another milestone.

The 1-year-old chat app said in a press release Wednesday that 1.1 million people now use its service daily, up from 500,000 in February. Of those, 300,000 people use the premium, paid version of the software (including The Huffington Post).

The company earns $25 million in yearly revenue, and is valued at a jaw-dropping $2.8 billion.

“Over the last few decades, we’ve seen a fantastic proliferation of new business tools,” CEO Stewart Butterfield said in a statement. “At the same time, the quality of the software has increased and the price has come down. This is a great time to be a business customer.”

Slack’s meteoric rise to become the workplace chat client du jour is due in large part to its ability to merge with other office tools. Slack can integrate with more than 900,000 programs, including Twitter, GIF database Giphy and Google Drive.

"The only drawback is the increasing fragmentation as the number of vendors increases," Butterfield said. "Slack has a critical role to play as the place where everything comes together."