The Slam Poem About Female Masturbation Men Need To Hear

"As if when I come for a lover it is only something they can make me do."

Anna Binkovitz wants the world to know that women do not need someone else in bed to have a good time.

In her spoken word poem, "Masturbation," Binkovitz reminds everyone that she can find pleasure -- all on her own. The Minnesota-native performed the poem at the Individual World Poetry Slam last year.

Binkovitz describes a time after she had performed a poem loving blow jobs when a man told her "he wishes more women shared [her] attitude."

She reminds everyone that women's sex positivity is not in service to men. "So the reward of my struggle to finally enjoy sex after violence, after self-hate is instead of a man completely tuning me out he heard one word," she says. "The one that involves his body and listened for nothing else."

"As if when I come for a lover it is only something they can make me do," Binkovitz says, adding, "But let me tell you, when the tree of me falls in orgasm it does not matter if there is no one else there to hear it. I make a goddamn sound."

She follows up with an even stronger point, telling the crowd, "I am damn good in bed. That fact does not change just because you are not there to be good for."

Can we get an amen?

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