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This Lamp Looks Like A Butt, And It Wants You To Slap It


If you're into the concept of touch lamps but are looking to get a bit more risqué with your lighting devices, we have the lantern of your dreams, and perhaps your fantasies. May we present "Slap It," an unusual lamp by London-based artist Joseph Begley that combines the utility of a lamp with the sensuous appeal of a curvaceous rump.

The butt-shaped mechanism, made of silicone for maximum accuracy, just begs to be touched and responds to human contact with the gift of light. Touch it, squeeze it, caress it or give it a slap and watch a glorious light emerge from the gluteus maximus simulacrum. We highly recommend hollering "Let there be light!" mid-spank.

If you're smitten with the NSFW device, you can purchase one for the hefty sum of £700 -- that's $1,167. There are only 50 limited editions so act before the luminous bottoms are gone for good.

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