This Is What Slayer Sounds Like When Played On Children's Instruments

Don't be fooled by the little pink kiddie instruments because they certainly don't sound like little pink kiddie instruments in the hands of Frank Pasquale and Drew Creal.

The duo used the guitar and three-piece drum kit from First Act, a company that makes instruments for kids, to perform a killer medley of Slayer tunes.

"Possibly the LAST act on First Act Instruments," the YouTube description reads. "Brutal!"

That's Pasquale, of Pasquale Custom Guitars, on the axe while Creal handles the sticks. They even have the start of the world's most adorable mosh pit as a little girl runs past the camera several times.

After the video went viral, Pasquale Custom Guitars posted an update on the company's Facebook page.

"Let me start off by saying that this was a complete joke with absolutely ZERO thought or preparation. You are witnessing 2 old friends being absolutely silly," it said. "With that being said I am amazed at how much love and hatred this has inspired."

"However, several uptight parents groups are up in arms over how 'wrong' this is. I personally find that offensive because I believe that Metal is what the youth of the America and the world need.

So therefore I am inspired to create a series of Pasquale USA Custom Pre-School Thrash Guitars designed to inspired future Thrashers at an early age.

Stay tuned for more details."

It's not clear what groups complained, but one thing is clear: custom thrash guitars for preschoolers would make for some pretty badass kiddie parties.



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