Sleep Centers Increase To Highest Number Ever

The number of sleep centers in the United States is at its highest ever, highlighting a growing population of Americans who are seeking help for their sleep woes, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reported.

The 2,500th sleep center was accredited by the AASM last week; the number is doubled from that of five years ago, and quintupled that from 10 years ago.

"We believe more centers are applying for AASM accreditation as more patients are beginning to understand the consequences of sleep illness. They're looking for help," Dr. Sam Fleishman, M.D., the president of the AASM, said in a statement.

At sleep centers, people can have their sleep problems evaluated by a board-certified sleep medicine doctor. Common sleep problems evaluated at these facilities include sleep apnea, which is when a person stops breathing momentarily during sleep, and insomnia, which is when a person cannot sleep during the night and is sleep-deprived.

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