Sleep Challenge 2010: The Most Embarrassing Place I've Fallen Asleep Was ________ .

It's three weeks into the Sleep Challenge Arianna Huffington and I are doing to encourage women to stop cheating themselves of zzzs, and I gotta tell you, I'm into it. I'm waking up without an alarm clock, I've got energy, I mysteriously lost three pounds while eating beef chili and nachos. Oh, and for the first time in probably 10 years, I've only fallen asleep when I meant to, as opposed to on planes, trains, automobiles, over romantic dinners or during family events. Seriously, you won't believe some of the places I've dozed off in the past.

It's not a new thing: I fell asleep on one of my first dates with my husband (what can I say? It happened to be a busy time in my life, and it turned out he understood, having once fallen asleep himself standing up wearing a Gumby costume and leaning against a parking meter-but I digress). After I had two babies and began engaging in the usual headless-chicken act of working motherhood, things only got more extreme. This fall, I was in L.A. on business, having done a several-city sprint with lots of late nights and early-morning flights. I ducked out of one event early to spend the evening with a dear friend I hadn't seen in a year. We ordered takeout, caught up about our lives, and then retired to the couch with a bottle of wine for some serious girl talk. That was the plan, anyway. By the time I woke up two hours later, she'd watched two back-to-back episodes of Big Love and cleaned her entire living room. "You better go," she said sympathetically. "Your car's outside."

Mortifying, no? I thought so-but look, I only had myself to blame. Prior to the Sleep Challenge, my philosophy on rest could pretty much have been summed up by the Rob Lowe character in Thank You For Smoking who, when asked when he sleeps, replies cheerfully, "Sunday." And my working-mom friends all have similar stories (one, a former high-ranking public official, confesses that she regularly wakes up on her couch in pitch black darkness, her husband having turned off the lights and given up on her). But now I'm enjoying seeing how the more rested half lives-and I don't think I want to give it up.

So that's my embarrassing confession. Your turn! What have you fallen asleep in the middle of? Church? Class? Um, sex? (You wouldn't be alone; seven percent of women in one poll apparently had.) Tell me in the comments below: I will never again fall asleep during _____.

P.S.: Thanks to the many of you who have e-mailed me suggestions for sleep aids (no, not the drug kind); I'm road-testing them and will rouse myself from my lavender-scented coma to report back soon.

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