75 Percent Of Workers Feel Tired 'Most Days'

Your lack of shut-eye doesn't just zap your energy -- it affects your productivity at the office, too.

In their latest report, "Asleep on the Job: The Causes and Consequences of Employees’ Disrupted Sleep and How Employers Can Help," Virgin Pulse partnered with Vielife to research how sleep disturbances negatively affect the ways employees perform at work and what they (and their employers) can do to mitigate those issues. They asked more than 1,100 workers across three U.S.-based companies to take a sleep assessment and compiled some startling data:

  • Nearly 76 percent of the employees felt tired most days of the week.
  • Fifteen percent dozed off during the day at least once per week.
  • Just over 10 percent of those surveyed said a medical condition disturbed their sleep.
  • Nearly 30 percent of employees were unhappy or very unhappy with the quality or quantity of their sleep.

Modern life's constant connectivity can leave us consistently depleted, which in turn costs U.S. companies approximately $63.2 billion in lost productivity per year, according to a 2011 estimate from Harvard scientists. To learn more about the roots of our sleep deprivation "epidemic" and what we can all do about it, check out the infographic from Virgin Pulse below.