The Most And Least Sleep-Deprived Jobs (INFOGRAPHIC)

LOOK: The Most Sleep-Deprived Jobs

If reports are true that Metro-North Railroad engineer William Rockefeller did indeed fall asleep before his train crashed, killing four and injuring dozens more, he won't be the only transportation worker to have made a mistake in the wake of too little sleep. About a quarter of train operators and pilots said that fatigue affected their performance on the job at least once a week, according to a 2012 poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation.

But it's certainly not the only field in which sleep deprivation can act as the final factor in an accident waiting to happen. To highlight those fields where workers are the most tired, mattress company Sleepy's analyzed a set of data from the CDC's 2012 National Health Interview Survey, the latest year from which data is available, and ranked 20 occupations based on whether or not workers were getting enough shut-eye.

The average adult needs seven to nine hours a night, and yet even the occupations deemed "well-rested" are only minutes over the seven hours -- or 420 minute -- mark.

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