8 Sleeping Devices For Anyone Flying Solo During Cuffing Season

Single and ready to mingle... with pillows.

Cuffing season is here and for those of you who aren't familiar with the term, listen up. During fall and winter, the temperature starts to drop and time spent inside your home increases. Unlike the warm months when people engage in "summer flings," cuffing season is when people get serious about their partners and basically hibernate with them all winter long. Think of it as a prime Netflix and chill period.

Although the pressures of cuffing season are among us, some people fly solo -- which is perfectly fine. There's no need for another body to cuddle up to when you've got a fake arm pillow to snuggle with, right?

Yes, that's right, you can trick out your bedroom with sleep essentials that are all about you. With body pillows that demand you get cozy and an alarm clock that actually speaks, looks like this whole "single-through-cuffing-season" thing will be the best decision you've made all year.

Take a look at the products that will help you build your own peaceful oasis below.

A Snuggle Companion
There's not much diversity in the selection of fake arms, but hey, at least it's a shoulder to lean on.
Original Snuggle Companion Boyfriend Pillow, $35.50
An Aroma Diffuser
Bed Bath and Beyond
A diffuser will spread your favorite smell around the room, without being too aggressive. Add some lavender to this device and relax -- or any smell you want -- because this is all about you!
SpaRoom Aromafier Portable Fragrance Diffuser, $12
A Self-Timed Heated Blanket
Bed Bath and Beyond
If a living body isn't keeping you warm, this smart electronic blanket will.
Micro Fleece Heated Twin Blanket In Cream, $60
A Cozy Body Pillow
A gigantic body pillow will encase you in a cozy cocoon.
Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow, $64.77
A Alarm Clock With A Sexy Accent
Good morning to you, too!
The Morning Man Alarm Clock
An Oversized Sleep Mask
Etsy / 40 Winkzzz
This massive eye mask will keep the light out all night long.
Winkzzz Sleep Mask Pillow, $30
A Heated Teddy Bear
Cuddle up with your boo, aka your teddy bear, that'll warm your heart!
Heated Huggie Bear, $30.49
A Back Massager
Sharper Image
Sometimes, a back massage is one of the best remedies for getting some sleep. If there aren't another pair of hands, get a device that'll do it for you!
Warming Backrest Massager, $130

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