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These Brilliant Sleep Gadgets Could End Your Restless Nights

Consider it partly magic.

Getting a good night's sleep is tough, and it's even tougher while traveling.

That's why we're always dazzled by technology that empowers us to get more and better sleep, instead of keeping us awake and glued to a tiny cellphone screen. On April 19, HuffPost reported live from a special #SleepRevolution JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas, along with special guests including experts in sleep and health. As part of the journey, our fellow JetBlue passengers received gift bags full of sleep-friendly gadgets to encourage ultimate rest:

The gadgets included:

Cool bead sleep masks from Sleep Number

The flight's passengers -- Arianna Huffington included! -- enjoyed chilling out with cooling sleep masks from Sleep Number. When refrigerated, the mask's gel beads provide a blast of cold temperatures that are known to de-puff eyes after long flights or nights of too little sleep.

Stylish compression socks from Soxxy

Travel expert Sarah Stabile founded Soxxy's line of fashion-friendly compression socks after injuring her knee in a ski accident a few years ago. And yesterday, the whole #SleepRevolution flight got a chance to test them out.

"After breaking my knee, I loved the way compression socks made me feel, but I hated the way they looked," Stabile told HuffPost just before the flight. "I knew there had to be an alternative."

Experts recommend compression socks for anyone who travels, as they promote blood flow and prevent against dangerous blood pooling after long periods of seated flying. Stabile says they can also help athletes recover after a hard workout, as they usher blood into muscles that need healing.

Oh, and did we mention they're ridiculously cute?

The Philips goLITE BLU

This magical little gadget exposes users to blue light, whose short wavelengths give the body a natural energy boost. The goLITE is also a tool for combatting winter blues: Shine it in your peripheral vision for 15 to 45 minutes a day, and you could reap the quicker reaction times and sharper focus that come with our body's biological reaction to blue light.

The Sense sleep globe by Hello

This incredible little orb -- no, it's not a piece of bedroom decor! -- tracks your sleep and gently wakes you during an appropriately light part of your cycle. Set it on a nightstand, choose one of 15 soothing "wake tones," and let it be the calm-inducing alarm clock you never had. Later, users can check out a detailed report of their whole night's rest, at a glance. Now THAT is a productive night.

The above story was created at 35,000 feet aboard a JetBlue flight chartered in partnership with HuffPost's #SleepRevolution College Tour. JetBlue is an official brand partner of the tour, which aims to provide students (and some lucky plane passengers) with products and demonstrations that can lead to better sleep.

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