8 Perfect Gifts For Anyone In Need Of A Good Night's Sleep

Everybody needs sleep -- and most of us wish we got more of it. So this year, why not give someone that very thing?

A sleep-promoting gift has the benefit of being (at least a little bit) more exciting to receive than some traditional health-minded presents (because absolutely no one wants to open a scale on Christmas morning). But these are still smart options: Getting too little sleep ups a person's risk for stroke, diabetes, obesity and even earlier death.

So feel good about snagging a few of these options for the loved ones on your shopping list -- and tell us what's on your healthful wish list this year in the comments below!

Charging Station
Keeping technology out of the bedroom is one of the foremost rules of good sleep hygiene. Help the gadget-lover in your life maintain his or her sleep sanctuary with this convenient charging station for the kitchen or living room.

$35, Amazon.com
Analog Alarm Clock
One of the most common arguments against keeping the bedroom device-free is that so many of us now rely on our smartphones to beep and buzz us awake as our morning alarms. Stop the madness by gifting an analog alarm clock -- there are so many fun, vintage styles to choose from!

$17.99, Amazon.com
Eye Mask
Sleep experts agree that the ideal bedroom setup is cool, quiet and dark -- but not everyone has the luxury of all-powerful blackout shades. Give a light sleeper a cushiony, adjustable eye mask to help them slumber longer.

$6.72, Amazon.com
Ostrich Pillow
Ostrich Pillow
If you know someone who could use an afternoon nap (and can pull one off without making the boss mad), surprise them with the Ostrich Pillow. Not only does it block light and include convenient pockets for desktop resting, it's also sturdy enough to support sleeping sitting up.

$99, OstrichPillow.com
Russ Elloway for PLFdreams.com
As HuffPost Chair, President and Editor-In-Chief Arianna Huffington says, sleeping in your gym clothes doesn't prep your body for sleep, it preps your body for the gym. If someone on your list is chronically slumbering in sweats, pick them up something a little more luxurious.

Prices vary, PLFdreams.com
The mere ritual of sipping a cup of (caffeine-free!) tea can do wonders to relax a racing mind before bed. But the right kind of tea, like lavender and chamomile, may even lead to more and better sleep.

$27.92, Amazon.com
Sunrise-Simulating Alarm Clock
This alarm clock wakes users up gently, by slowly increasing the amount of light it shines into the room, which can lead to a more pleasant early-a.m. experience.

$139.99, Amazon.com
White Noise Machine
Whether it's to drown our honking horns outside or simply to make all-encompassing silence a little more comfortable, a white noise machine can be the answer for light sleepers. And with 16 sound options, this model has something for everyone.

$169.99, Amazon.com
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