Sleep Problems: 9 Things That Keep You Up At Night (INFOGRAPHIC)

INFOGRAPHIC: 9 Things That Keep You Up At Night

Good news: More than three quarters of people report getting a good night's sleep at least a few times each week, according to a recent survey. While we still face very real consequences of skimping of sleep, we're doing something right.

The National Sleep Foundation polled more than 1,000 people about their bedrooms and how they affect sleep.

Nearly 90 percent of people surveyed said when it comes to picking products for their bedrooms, they looked for items that would help them sleep better, including things like mattresses, sheets, pillows and curtains. But sleeping on the right pillow can only go so far.

The infographic below, courtesy of the National Sleep Foundation, outlines some of the other things -- like snoring bed partners and cuddly pets -- that might be keeping you up and how great a role they play in getting the best rest.


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