The Best Sleep Products To Buy On Amazon Prime Day

Sheets, pillows, headphones, sleep trackers and other items that will upgrade your bedroom and help you get some much-needed rest.

If you haven’t turned your sleep space into a sanctuary yet, now is the perfect time.

A calming and cozy space is key to getting the right amount of rest. Experts stress that using your bed for activities other than sleep or sex (looking at you, late-night laptop users!) can contribute to poor rest. And not getting enough sleep can contribute to a host of health issues.

Ready to rev up your sleep game and wake up feeling more refreshed? Below are just a few products on sale during Amazon Prime Day that can help you achieve sweet dreams.

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Hatch Restore Sound Machine And Alarm Clock
If you’re someone whose brain keeps them awake at night (hello, it’s me!), then it’s time to drown out your thoughts with this machine. It not only acts as a white noise maker, but it’s also sunshine alarm clock that mimics daylight to gently wake you up. How’s that for multitasking?

Get the Hatch Restore Sound Machine And Alarm Clock for $109.99 (originally $129.99).
Withings Sleep Tracking Pad
If sleeping with a tracker on your wrist isn't your thing (we don't blame you), then this sleep pad may be right for you. It fits under your mattress and monitors your sleep by detecting snoring, breathing patterns, movement and more. It then delivers a full report to an app on your phone and gives you a sleep score based on the data.

Get the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad for $69.30 (originally $81.07).
Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker
If you are in the market for a fitness tracker and want one that also monitors your sleep, this Fitbit has a slim profile and comes in three colors. In addition to measuring your sleep habits, it offers every health stat under the sun (such as daily steps and heart rate measurements). This deal also comes with a one-year Fitbit Premium subscription.

Get the Fitbit Inspire 2 for $59.99 (originally $98.95).
SensorPEDIC Solutions Memory Foam Pillow
Side and back sleepers, rejoice: This pillow is made especially for you. It's made of gel-infused memory foam and designed to support your head and neck. Best of all, the materials are cooling so you won't get all hot and sweaty during the night.

Get the SensorPEDIC Solutions Memory Foam Pillow for $23.99 (originally $29.89).
Perytong Sleep Headphones
Soothe yourself to sleep with these headphones (which are therapist-approved for stress, as well!). They can connect to any wireless device so you can play meditations, music or whatever else that will lull you to sleep. Best of all: They’re extremely comfortable, so you’re able to drift off without headphones pressing into your ears.

Get the Perytong Sleep Headphones for $16 (originally $19.99).
Ravmix Silk Pillowcase
Elevate your bed with a luxurious silk pillowcase. Not only do these always give you that “cool side of the pillow” feeling, the material is also great for your hair and your skin.

Get the Ravmix Silk Pillowcase for $20.39 (originally $23.99).
UFRESH Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
You may not need a humidifier in the summer, but you'll be relying on one as soon as the weather turns dry. This product has dual functions, acting as a humidifier and a diffuser (just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the tray). It comes with an app so you can control it with your phone, and it also features a timer and different mist level modes.

Get the UFRESH Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for $38.99 (originally $69.99).
Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser Kit
Create a relaxing environment in your bedroom with this kit. It contains one (stylish!) diffuser and comes with calming essential oils in scents like lavender and eucalyptus, which are meant to promote good sleep. The diffuser also has multiple timer settings, so you can rest easy knowing that it won't be going all night.

Get the Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser Kit for $30.96 (originally $44.23).
Ostrichpillow Go Travel Pillow
Make sure you get enough rest when you're on the go, too. This travel neck pillow is made with memory foam and offers ample neck support.

Get the Ostrichpillow Go Travel Pillow for $41.99 (originally $59.99).

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