Sleep Talking: 15 Funny Things People Have Said While Asleep

While only 5 percent of adults reportedly suffer from full-bown somniloquy, or sleep talking, it seems many of us have muttered something into our pillows at one point or another. In a recent Reddit thread, for instance, contributors responded with some of the funny things they've apparently said while asleep, or heard from sleeping partners.

For the most part, sleep talkers often utter a jumble of words -- some that make more sense than others -- or subconscious thoughts. Though not all sleep mutterings are fit for print, sometimes the mishmash of words makes for some hilarious commentary.

So we scoured the web to put together this gallery of some of the funniest things people have said in their sleep -- take a look, and then add your own, either in the comments or by tweeting @HealthyLiving.

Funny Things People Have Said In Their Sleep