The Nighttime Habit That Causes Wrinkles –- And How To Break It (VIDEO)

We all know the importance of getting our beauty rest -- but how you're positioned during that sleep could actually be aging you.

Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe says sleeping in the same position, night after night, can cause "sleep lines."

"I often see them on one side of the face, on the chest in an area called the décolletage," Bowe says in the above video from the Oprah.com web series #OWNSHOW. "They tend to form if you like to sleep on your side or if you like to sleep on your belly, with your face pressed against the pillow."

The ideal way to prevent sleep lines, Bowe says, is to sleep on your back. "And I know that's easier said than done," she says.

Try her two suggestions to train yourself into becoming a back sleeper:

Invest in a memory foam pillow. "That can cradle your head and your neck and keep your body facing upright," Bowe says.

Try placing a pillow under your knees. "That can also sort of coax your body to sleep facing upward," she says.

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