'Sleeper' House Auction Date Postponed Until November 10 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 'Sleeper' House Auction Date Postponed Until November 10

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated that the 'Sleeper' home was in Colorado Springs. It is in Jefferson County.

The foreclosure auction of the "Sleeper House" in Jefferson County has been postponed, and will now be held on November 10, the Denver Business Journal reports.

The quirky Jefferson County home was designed by architect Charles Deaton and built in 1963 in the foothills of Golden.

It was became famous after being featured in the 1973 Woody Allen film "Sleeper."

In 1999, software millionaire John Huggins bought for $1.33 million and added 5,000 square feet using plans originally drawn up by Deaton.

Businessman Michael Dunahay bought the house from Huggins in 2006 for $3.43 million. Earlier this summer, the Denver Business Journal reported this summer that the lender's trustee had filed foreclosure papers against the home.


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