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Baby's Day At The Museum Won't Be Ruined By A Nap (PHOTOS)

When it comes to babies and sleep, it's clearly impossible to follow every piece of advice out there. But most parents abide by this one mantra: Never wake a sleeping baby. Jennifer and Frank Lobato certainly weren't taking any chances last weekend when their 5-month-old Sophie conked out just as they arrived at the Hands On Children's Museum in Olympia, WA.

sophia baby sleeping

Along with her hilarious evidence ...





(Photos courtesy of Jennifer Lobato)

As one Redditor commented, It's like "'Weekend at Bernie's,' but funnier and no death."

Jennifer told HuffPost via e-mail that Sophie is seen in a harness in the pictures because she was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and a complete dislocation in her right hip. "She will be in it for six weeks, [and] is not in any pain or discomfort ... She continues life as normal and happy as possible," she said.

Clearly, that's true whether Sophie is asleep or not -- though Mom did add that the baby woke up in time to enjoy the end of their outing with her 3-year-old big brother.


Naps Happen