'Sleeping On Strangers On The Subway' Shows There Are Kind People All Around Us (VIDEO)

WATCH: There Are More Kind People On The Subway Than We Ever Imagined

Charidy, the organization which blew up the Sleeping Stranger Subway picture last week, is at it again with a video that may tug at your heartstrings even more than the original picture. Watch it to find out how many absurdly kind people are on the subway every day, even if we don't always see them.

The video was made by Saul Sudin and Elad Nehorai, Charidy's director of marketing, who was amazed by the incredible way that people responded to the picture of a young man in a hoodie sleeping on the shoulder of another commuter. The picture got almost 25,000 shares, and over 100,000 likes.

He told The Huffington Post, "It was interesting to see how such a small act got such a big reaction." He theorizes that it's because a good deed like that "is so achievable and so small, that it shows a good way for people to live their lives."

That's why he made this follow-up video, in which an actor purposely falls asleep on the shoulders of subway riders while a camera records their reactions. He said, "I wanted to show that it should be normal, and that there are a lot of people who would be willing to do this kind of nice thing. I wanted to drive home the message that every moment counts."

In addition to doing marketing for Charidy, a crowdfunding site for nonprofits, Nehorai also blogs at PopChassid.com, which documents his experience as a religious Jew in the Chabad Hassidic community.

He commented, "We're trying to create a community of people who are interested in doing good, people who are good, and people who want to improve the world. So this picture and this video fit into the bigger picture of doing good."

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