The Only Time It's Acceptable To Sleep With Someone Other Than Your Spouse

The Only Time It's Acceptable To Sleep With Someone Other Than Your Spouse

For married folks, getting cozy between the sheets with anyone other than your husband or wife is, by and large, frowned upon by society.

But there is one very furry and adorable exception to the rule...

"I get up for one minute and walk in to find that I've already been replaced." - Stephdaulton/Reddit
"This is what happens if I don't go to bed at the same time as my wife." - Rawtashk/Reddit
"Been married for almost four years. I came home to my wife in bed with my best friend." - jwoodford77/Reddit
"I go to stay at a friend's house for one night and my wife sends me a pic of her sleeping with someone else...I don't even know what to think anymore." - jarrydjames/Reddit
Came home to mubwife sleeping with someone else.
"Caught my wife sleeping with someone else." - Vision68/Reddit
"Heard squealing in the bedroom, found my husband in bed with another woman. F**king swine." - zenithopus/Reddit
"Caught my wife in someone else's bed." - down_vote_magnet/Reddit
"Almost every night for the last two years, I've come home to find another man in bed with my wife." - alexmetal/Reddit

We'd be super jealous if these adulterers weren't so doggone cute.

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