'Sleepless In Austin' Man Is Worse Than We Could Ever Have Imagined

You might have thought that the man willing to pay you $1,500 to find the white, thin girl of his dreams couldn't get any worse.

You were wrong.

Romeo Rose, the "eligible bachelor" behind Sleepless In Austin, spoke to HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker to clarify some of his requirements in an ideal woman... and, well, he didn't help his case at all.

Rose described overweight women as "visually repulsive" and, despite constantly claiming he is not racist, compared black people to monkeys. He also shared his charming icebreaker rhyme -- "I'm Romeo Rose, and I pimp them hos" -- and seems genuinely surprised that no one has wanted to date him for the past four years.

It got to the point where Becker had to shut him off -- watch the whole video above, if you dare.

Caitlyn, we're in awe of how you handled this. We don't imagine he'll find a girlfriend any time soon.



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