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The Struggle To Stay Sexy In Cold-Weather Sleepwear

When it comes to my pajamas, I've never been a long johns kind of girl. But I still struggle with staying sexy in cold-weather sleepwear.
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When it comes to my pajamas, I've never been a long johns kind of girl. But once the temperatures dip into the lower 50s at night, I am tempted to count sheep in my alma mater's sweatshirt and pants (go TU!) instead of négligée.

Yes, I wear lingerie to bed. And no, it's not necessarily to allure my man. I simply prefer bedroom attire that is much more luxurious. Maybe it has to do with watching the women on my mother's side of the family pour their curves into satin slips. Or it could be my infatuation with the seductive numbers worn by old Black Hollywood stars like Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt and Dorothy Dandridge. Whatever the psychological reasoning behind my attraction to finer PJs, I still struggle with staying sexy in cold-weather sleepwear.

I feel flannel is simply not flattering or comfortable, and footie pajamas aren't ideal when my toes need to breath in the middle of the night. These heavier fabrics only make me sweat more when the heat is blasting from the vent and I'm wrapped in my down comforter -- making for a huge pileup in my laundry basket. And I refuse to subject myself to my apartment building's creepy basement to wash clothes more than once a month.

So, what is my solution to remaining chic when I hit those unarguably cold sheets? Silk pajama sets. Not only do they feel great against my skin, but they keep me warm enough without perspiring an ocean from my armpits. And if my waist-length box braids fall out of my satin bonnet and rub against my clothes, I won't have to worry about them getting all knotted as they would against wool material.

Not to mention, my elegant choice of sleepwear can also work during the daytime should I get the balls to sport the pajama trend like Rihanna and Solange. I'm sure my accountant would be thrilled to hear that my hard-earned dollars spent on La Perla and Journelle turned out to be quite the investment.

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