Slideshow: Photos Show Global Warming Overtaking Cities

Edward Mazria wants people to know how rising sea levels -- made worse by global warming -- will affect residents along U.S. coastlines...

Mazria isn't a climatologist. He's not even a scientist. He's an architect who gave up running his company in January to devote his time to a nonprofit group he founded several years ago. Called Architecture 2030, the organization tries to bring attention to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that the building sector contributes to global warming through inefficient electricity use, lighting, heating and cooling...

To demonstrate Mazria's point, Architecture 2030 has compiled a report that features images depicting the dramatic effects of sea level rise -- from about 3 to 16 feet -- on 21 cities around the country.

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See a selection Architecture 2030's images below.


All Photos from ABC News/2030, Inc./Architecture 2030' and Google