Watch The Terrifying Moment The Cable Snaps On A Slingshot Ride

Two passengers were trapped for an hour before being rescued

Two people were inside the ride capsule during the accident, which took place last week at Luna Park in Cap d’Agde, southern France.

The young woman suffered a broken leg, according to The Independent, while UPI reports that the other rider was bruised.

A slingshot ride, also known as a reverse bungee, features a capsule attached to two poles by bungee-style cables. The capsule is launched into the air, with the cables controlling the height and descent.

However, in this case, one cord snapped as the capsule was coming down. The capsule then swung to the side and hit one of the poles, knocking out some of the lights that run along its side.

The person who captured the video wrote on Facebook that the two were trapped inside the capsule for about an hour before firefighters came to rescue them, and that the woman was screaming in pain while she waited.

The poster also wrote that she is out of the hospital and resting at home.

UPI reports that the park blamed a "manufacturing defect" for the accident and is investigating.

The attraction is called Cinquième Élément, or The Fifth Element, and is listed on a section of the park's website that translates as rides "for the kamikaze."

There have been a number of incidents involving slingshot rides in recent years. Earlier this summer, the cord snapped on a similar ride at the Mt. Olympus amusement park in Wisconsin Dells just before launch.

No one was injured.

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