Slippery Snow Shoveler Sums Up Our Winter Woes

This year, winter has been roughing up America like nobody's business. Boston's buried under a hundred feet of snow. Manhattan feels like Michigan, and Michigan is just about as cold as Hell.

We need some respite, but there's no counting on that. So let's opt for some levity, especially since its officially no longer advisable to jump out of your window onto a pile of snow. Nice job, people.

So here's a guy trying to shovel snow, and slipping around for 9 seconds without falling. If that ice were a bull, this guy would be a regular Sebastian Murdock.

Update: Feb 20 -- The young man with the slick moves revealed himself to The Huffington Post in an e-mail (actually, his proud aunt got at us first). He's Rashad Cole, 21, from Lexington Kentucky. He said that he was mostly clowning around in the video, which his mom took.

"I made this video on Monday February 16, 2015. Originally I made this video just as a funny exaggeration of how difficult it was shoveling ice and snow here after a severe snow storm we had.," Rashad wrote. "I put it on my Twitter and Instagram to get a few laughs out of it but as soon as the Internet got a hold of it, it instantly blew up incredibly fast all over the world. This is single handedly the craziest thing to happen to me but It feels pretty awesome I must say."

Here's the clip on Rashad's Instagram:

Before long, the Internet put its own spin on his routine. A Reddit user, "thewhyteman" patched it onto a famous scene from "The Breakfast Club."

In any case, it's a metaphor. Winter's got us flailing to regain our balance, but we're not down on our butts yet.

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