Slits Are Getting Higher And Higher... Is There Any End In Sight? (PHOTOS, POLL)

PHOTOS: Have We Had Enough With The High Slits?

Have you had your serving of high slit dress today? Did you fulfill your daily quota of upper thigh?

Because lately, on the red carpet, that's all we're getting. Since Angelina Jolie stuck her right leg out of that Versace dress at the 2012 Oscars, we've been fed a steady diet of high slits, from Jessica White and Solange Knowles to Anja Rubik and even Kate Middleton.

And today, Kristen Stewart stepped out at Cannes for a screening of her new movie, "On The Road," wearing her own thigh-bearing style: a belted Balenciaga gown featuring stunning green, silver and black embroidery... and a giant slash up the left side.

We're OK with a good red carpet trend -- after all, sheer dresses are popping up everywhere as well -- but we're feeling a bit... over-legged. We've filled our upper thigh quota and seen more near-wardrobe malfunctions than we ever asked for. And holding our breath every time a gust of wind threatens to blow a celeb's skirt wide open? Well, it's getting exhausting.

See the celebs who've been baring their legs over the past few months, including Kristen Stewart today. Is it time to bid the thigh-high slits good-bye?

Kim Kardashian, May 2013

Celebs Rock The High Slit

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