'Slittens,' Sloth-Kitten Frankensteins, Are Here To Steal All The Awwwww

Sloth-Kitten Frankensteins Are Here To Steal All The Awwwww

Has Photoshop science gone too far, or has it not gone far enough?

slitten sloth kitten

Photographs of these adorable sloth-kitten hybrids, called "slittens," began surfacing on web designer Rachael Aslett's Tumblr blog in early July. Although they're definitely the product of photo editing, a Sept. 26 post on the blog claims otherwise.


Who cares? We're just along for the weird, wonderful ride.

If slittens really were test-tube babies and not the fuzzy progeny of Photoshop, we're sure the animal kingdom would welcome them with open arms. Because ... well, just look at them.

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