17 Sloths That Look How You Feel On Thanksgiving

So full. So sleepy. So two-toed.

Turkey, yams, pies, stuffing, beets, cranberry sauce, green beans -- all this and more is very likely to end up in your stomach by Thursday night. It all seems so innocent and glorious at the beginning. You've had a light breakfast in order to build your appetite. You've embraced the sweatpants-as-formalwear trend. You promised yourself you'll enjoy each dish without going overboard.

Yet something, be it the delicious smells of the food or the fact that this entire day is centered around eating (and gratitude, and, well, pretty awful European settlers), always makes you go a little too far in the stuffing-your-face department. It's that moment, after desserts are passed around and the TV is firmly tuned to football, that all decorum goes out the window and Thanksgiving dinner guests are strewn around the living room in various states of consciousness. 

These sloths get it. These sloths are us. I know after a hearty turkey meal, it is literally as if I am hanging from a branch in a Central or South American rainforest with my giant toe-claws, happy to sleep about 16 hours a day and wondering about my endangerment status in my spare time, right?! But if you still don't get it, these 17 sloths will make you feel truly understood.

  • "I will only answer Grandpa's questions about whether I'm still single if I can do it like this."
    NBC via Getty Images
  • "Please don't make me keep performing for the relatives. Small talk about 'my future' is really exhausting."
    NBC via Getty Images
  • "You said you brought enough green bean casserole for everyone. EVERYONE."
    RODRIGO ARANGUA via Getty Images
  • "Hangin' in there."
    RODRIGO ARANGUA via Getty Images
  • "That second slice of pecan pie was a bad choice."
    Nicolas LE CORRE via Getty Images
  • "I said you could have a bite off my plate, Hank. A bite."
    WALTRAUD GRUBITZSCH via Getty Images
  • "Literally only eating these greens so I don't drown in self-hatred."
    RAUL ARBOLEDA via Getty Images
  • "It's cute that you're paleo now, Susan, but could you have brought pumpkin pie for the rest of us?!"
    RAUL ARBOLEDA via Getty Images
  • "Thanks, guys. Awesome dinner. Of course I'll help clean ... zzz."
    WALTRAUD GRUBITZSCH via Getty Images
  • "Fullllll. So. Full."
    Wolfgang Kaehler via Getty Images
  • "Can't. Even."
    ATTILA KISBENEDEK via Getty Images
  • "Mom, seriously? Does every part of the day need to make it on Facebook?"
    ARNO BURGI via Getty Images
  • "My body hurts. Please stop touching me."
    Nicolas LE CORRE via Getty Images
  • "Wait, is that some extra stuffing lying around? Dare I?"
    NBC NewsWire via Getty Images
  • "Yes, I would like to be carried to the couch. Thanks much."
    YASUYOSHI CHIBA via Getty Images
  • "Yup, I'm not going to move for the rest of the day."
    AFP via Getty Images
  • "Yes, I'd like to do this all over again in approximately a month. Thanks for asking."
    CARL DE SOUZA via Getty Images

Talk about relatable.

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