How To Make Mac And Cheese In A Slow Cooker, Because You Can

Yes, yes and yes.

When slow cooker season hits, there's little desire to use any other appliance to make a meal. Luckily for all of us, there's also little reason to. Not only can we whip up meals that call for fewer than five ingredients and no more than 10 minutes of prep, thanks to this blessed appliance, but we can also make mac and cheese in a slow cooker. No joke.

With just five ingredients and the ability to flip the "on" switch of the slow cooker, you can enjoy the comfort of a creamy, cheesy pot of the best stuff on earth. Food blogger Pip & Ebby shared her slow cooker mac and cheese recipe with the world -- and it's a better place because of it.

Pip & Ebby uses cheddar cheese, but also recommends playing around with Parmesan. We think brie would be a great choice, too. Head on over to her site for full instructions and live your best slow cooker life.

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